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Fone Unlocker is a technology repair chain based in Central Scotland. Providing professional and high quality repairs for all of your devices. We started small, with just a desk and a computer, and here we stand now – a forever growing brand, setting the bar higher than the rest. We aim to provide the best customer advice, parts and services that’s possible in this industry. Our team is a compact and diverse group of people who have interests in many fields, but all agree on one main principle – Right to Repair.
You can trust us with your device, we have your best interest at heart.

EST – 2004

Repaired Phones
Repaired Laptops
Repaired Tablets

Why choose us?

I mean, why wouldn't you?


With staff always online via our Facebook page and our Twitter account, we can always assist your inquiry. Even at those late hours of nights out when you drop your phone.


We only use the highest quality parts for your device, ensuring it works flawlessly after being repaired. We even test every device after a repair and give a 30 day fault warranty.


Our repairs are faster than ever. With a standard iPhone screen repair taking under an hour! We are also transparent with any delays and let the customer know if any are to be expected before they purchase.

Smashed your phone?

We repair a huge variety of devices from iPhones to Huawei! If you dont see your phone to the side here, give us a call on 01324 621120 or pop in store for a free estimate!

iPhone 11

Only £80

  • 1 High Quality Screen
  • 30-45 Minutes wait time!
  • £2 Extra for tempered glass protector
  • 1 Happy Customer!
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iPhone 11 Pro

Only £90

  • 1 High Quality Screen
  • 30-45 Minutes wait time!
  • £2 Extra for tempered glass protector
  • 1 Happy Customer!
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Our Locations

Please abide by local travel restrictions!
Fone Unlocker Falkirk

Fone Unlocker Falkirk


Fone Unlocker Falkirk is our main head office for all the repair advice you need! Open for repairs and accessories.

01324 621120

Fone Unlocker Grangemouth

Fone Unlocker Grangemouth

Phoneware + Homeware

Fone Unlocker Grangemouth is our venture into the phone and Homeware sector. This store is our biggest leap so far.

01324 482863

Fone Unlocker Linlithgow

Fone Unlocker Linlithgow

Repairs + Accessories

Fone Unlocker Linlithgow, your number 1 store for mobile and device repairs, based in the heart of Linlithgow.

01506 847444

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Meet our Team

Say hello to our Unlockers!

Rab - Fone Unlocker HQ

Manager, Technician, Social Media, Unlocker, Unlocking Guru

I've been in the mobile repair, trading and unlocking business for 18 years now. I have experience in almost every device on the market. From your old Nokia 3310 to your brand new Galaxy S20, I've had the experience repairing and unlocking them.

Maya - Fone Unlocker Falkirk

Staff, customer service, unlocker, Product Guru

I've been working with Fone Unlocker for 7 years now. I have great customer service skills and can handle any inquiry quickly and efficiently. I'm also training to become a technician!

Dots - Fone Unlocker Falkirk

Manager, Technician, Website, Social Media, Unlocker, PC Guru

I've been working at Fone Unlocker for 8 years. I have experience in repairing most mobiles, tablets and PC's, ranging from hardware repairs to simple software fixes.

Hemin - Fone Unlocker Falkirk

Specialist, Technician, Board repairs, IC GURU

I started with Fone Unlocker in 2021 with 7 years of experience working with low level repairs.

Marco - Fone Unlocker Falkirk

Trainee technician,

I started with Fone Unlocker in 2021.


Lindsey - Fone Unlocker HQ

Promotions Manager, Event Planner, Web Guru

I work with Fone Unlocker to manage their social image and to plan events such as discounts and sales.

David - Fone Unlocker Grangemouth

staff, Unlocker, customer service, technician, electrical guru

I've been with Fone Unlocker for 2 years now! From phones to lamps I can fix it all. Pop in to see me in our Grangemouth store.

Alanis - Fone Unlocker Grangemouth

Staff, Customer Service, CBD Guru

I'm new to Fone Unlocker!
A fresh face with a lot of interest.
Let me know what you need and I will do my best to help you! If you need advice on products specific to you I'm your go to gal!
I'm currently based in our Grangemouth store.

Deen - Fone Unlocker Linlithgow

Manager, Technician, Social Media, Unlocker, website, iPad Guru,

I have been working with Fone Unlocker for 5 years now, currently working at our sister store in Linlithgow. I have gained experience with the most popular phones such as the newer iPhones. I have a great experience in customer service and I make sure jobs get done to the highest standard possible

David - Fone Unlocker HQ

CEO, Business Guru

I'm currently proud CEO of Fone Unlocker Ltd. I have experience in running businesses smoothly and efficiently. Fone Unlocker is no exception to my high standards.

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