Tested for Perfection

At Fone Unlocker, we take our business seriously. We have devised a 17 point checklist that every repaired device must pass before we mark it as completed. They go like this:

  1. Microphones – This test ensures that your calling microphone, video microphone and noise cancellation microphone is functioning as expected. You may notice a test voice note saved on your device when we check these.
  2. Front Camera – We respect your selfies as much as we respect your custom, so we make sure that your front camera is as crystal clear as when you gave us it.
  3. Rear Camera – This test makes sure that all of your rear cameras are functioning as they should be, whether its 1 lense or 5, they have to be working to pass.
  4. Flash – The underdog of your device, this is a quick test to make sure that your devices torch/flash lights up normally.
  5. Buttons – This includes volume buttons, mute switches, home buttons and lock buttons. No one wants a phone that cant be muted at those vital moments.
  6. Charging – A flat phone isn’t useful to anyone, so we charge up your device to make sure your your battery is holding a charge. Making it faster for you to be back up and running.
  7. Wireless Charging/NFC – This is only applicable to devices that support it. Your wireless charging is essential and your NFC/Contactless Payments even more so. To test NFC we use a small NFC tag and place it against your device, if it reads it then it is deemed as a pass. We do not need access to your Wallet app to perform this test.
  8. Earphones – This test would only be performed on a device that has a separate AUX port.
  9. Face iD/Touch iD – This test may require us to reset any saved biometric data you have on your device. Face iD and Touch iD is not assumed working on devices which have has their Front Camera or Earpiece / Home Button replaced due to certain manufacturers policy on third party repairs.
  10. Signal 3G/4G/5G – A brief call will be made to ensure your device is receiving cellular service as it should be. This may not be possible on internationally locked devices or blacklisted phones.
  11. WiFi – A freebie on us, we will link up your device to our free customer WiFi network to make sure you can surf the web on us whilst in our stores.
  12. GPS – A map isn’t a map if it can’t show you where you are, so we make sure your device can pick up the GPS Satellites properly before it leaves us.
  13. Earpiece – This will usually be tested at the same time as your Signal. It must sound clear and audible to pass this test.
  14. Loudspeaker – Music is a must for the majority, a quiet or muffled loudspeaker will result in a fail for this test, you will be notified of this and the options you have to rectify this.
  15. Sensor – Something don’t even realize does so much. The sensor turns off your screen when you are on a phone call to prevent accidental touches with your face. This sensor also detects the ambient light and can automatically adjust your screen brightness accordingly.
  16. Vibrator – A must for silent mode users. We will usually test this at the same time as your button test.
  17. Screen Touch Test – This requires us to make sure that the screen can be touched all over with normal force and the desired action is performed. If it jumps, requires additional force or anything strange then it is deemed a fail.

We hope this puts your mind at ease when your drop off your device at Fone Unlocker. With your devices best interest at heart, we will always look after it.

P.S. This is why the technician may ask for your devices PIN or Password. Without it, we cannot test your device properly and we may not be able to offer any warranty with the work performed.