Warranty and Returns

We ensure that all of our repairs and products are tested and only those with the highest quality are sold. If you are unhappy with a purchase you have made, please read our policy on returns and warranty below. Our goal is to ensure that you leave happy and with a product you are satisfied with.

Repair Policy

This policy is also visible and viewable in large print in our store. Just ask a member of staff if you require assistance and they will be glad to help you.

Ensure you have removed your SIM Card and Memory Card before handing your device in for repair. We cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage to these items during your repair. We also recommend that you keep a hold of any accessories for your device such as it’s case or charger. These are not needed for the repair.

There is always a risk of data loss when repairing or unlocking your device. Please ensure that you have made a backup of your data before handing in your device.

All our repairs come with a 30-day warranty. This does not cover any other damages to the device such physical damage, or water damage after the device has been booked out.
Returns cannot be processed if the repair has been damaged (such as the screen has been scratched or cracked) and must be returned in their original condition.
If a screen protector was given with the repair it must still be on the device and intact.

If you do not have a receipt, we cannot process your refund or return.

All faulty repairs or electronic goods should be left for a minimum of 24 hours, if the device is left for less time this is at the customers discretion.
Once an unlock has been ordered, there is no way to cancel the process. Our unlocks are remote server based (we send the phones details and files to our server team who process it there).

Please allow up to 15 days maximum for your unlock/repair unless it is confirmed otherwise. You will be contacted if there are any delays and what options would be available in said situation. Refunds are not available once an unlock has been completed.

Product Returns Policy

This policy is relevant to both electronic devices and non electronic devices. This policy will cover the return terms for both.

Electronic devices (phones, tablets, cables, adapters) can be refunded for in store credit or exchanged for another item similar worth the same value, assuming they have met the above criteria.
Electronic devices have a 2 day “cooldown” period which you must wait before returning it.
We do now allow customers to “borrow” devices. If we suspect such action is being taken to exploit our policy – we reserve the right to refuse a refund unless management authorize. This may take 48 hours.
Items which do not contain physical faults or immediately identifiable faults will be subjected to a 48 hour testing period which the device will be sent to technicians to fully inspect the device.
All items must be returned with its original receipt within its return period.
Return Periods are as follows


Our returns policy works in three stages.
1. The customer Returns a device with receipt. If a fault is immediately identified, the customer will be offered an exchange or refund via in store credit.

2. If a fault is not immediately identifiable , the device will be sent for inspection and the customers information will be noted. This will take 24 hours. Our technicians will keep in touch.

3. At the end of the inspection. If no fault is found – the device will be sent back to the customer with a NPF label. (NO PROBLEM FOUND), if a problem is found, we will exchange or repair the device.

If you have received a NPF label and think that this is a mistake. Please get in contact with us as soon as possible at [email protected] and quote your NPF tag along with a photo. A technician will respond to this email within 24 hours.

We cannot simply refund a device for “not wanting it”, there has to be a genuine issue with the device for us to be able to refund or exchange the device. Please be aware of this when buying.
All devices returned are subject to being tested by a technician and must be left for a minimum of 48 hours for us to rectify any issues found.

If you are returning an iPod, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, or Apple TV., you must ensure that your iCloud account is signed out. if you cannot remember your iCloud credentials please try to reset them as we cannot refund or exchange any device which still has an account tied to it. This is due to the device having a security feature called “Activation Lock” which renders the device useless to anyone other than the account holder. Keep this in mind when signing in and keep your passwords safe!
Be aware that devices which are secondhand cannot be returned for their cash value but will instead be exchanged with in store credit should the device need to be returned.

Disposable Vape Returns

Fone Unlocker cannot accept any returns for disposable vapes once the packaging and device have been opened. This is both for fraud and hygiene issues.

If you are having an issue with a disposable product purchased from one of our stores, please contact the manufacturer directly. These details can be found on the side of the box. The most common brands that we sell are listed below.

SKE Crystal Bar – https://www.skevape.com/support-17-1.html

Elf Bar Support (including Lost Mary) – https://www.elfbar.com/support.html

Happy Vibes Twist – https://www.happyvibesvape.com/contact

Geek Bar – http://www.geekbar.com/contact-us.html