Terms and Services of using the Fone Unlocker online Store, unlocking services online. Situated at foneunlocker.tech/shop

Device Policies & Refund

Devices these services do not cover

  • Blocked
  • Blacklisted
  • iCloud Locked
  • Pending Contract
  • Carphone Warehouse/Phones4U (unless said otherwise in service description)
  • Wrong IMEI – (Get from phone calling *#06# or from pressing the “i” on the setup screen)

Devices these services do cover

  • Pay As You Go Plans
  • Pay Monthly Plans
  • Business Plans
  • Ex – Contract Phones (Paid off NOT CANCELLED)

If you order a device which is not covered by our services, you CANNOT be refunded. Your device may also be added to an unlocking blacklist database meaning your phone cannot be unlocked at all anywhere. If you are unsure if your device is any of the above, come in store and we can check it for you!

Account and Information uses

By creating an account with FoneUnlocker.tech you are agreeing to the following conditions stated below.

  • Your information to be used to contact you in the future about your unlocks
  • Your information to be used to contact you in the future to ask for feedback about our services
  • Your information to remain on our site for a minimum of 3 months before being deleted unless you request for account termination early
  • Your information to be used to contact you about any changes to these terms

Shop Terms

MAXIMUM – This implies the maximum working days which we are told. This usually does not include weekends or public holiday. Please allow a 2 Day grace period after the maximum days stated in case of any delays. We will contact you within 24 Hours after being told ourselves of a delay on a server.

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