iPhone 6s | iPhone 6s Plus Backlight IC Replacement


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Please get in touch before purchasing this service to ensure this is the issue with your device. This service is common for devices that have experienced water damage or have had their screen replaced unprofessionally.

Backlight IC symptoms are as follows:

  • Only one half of your screen lights up properly
  • The whole screen does not light up but the device still makes noise and vibrates
  • You should be able to see the screen if you sign a flashlight onto it

Your phone may also become completely unresponsive at times and eventually get stuck on the Apple logo permanently.

Your device must not be cracked, if it is cracked then you will also be charged for a screen replacement.

    This service can take up to 5 working days. Please ensure your have a backup before sending your device in for repair as we may have to restore your device. You must also know your Apple ID email address and Password signed into the phone for security.


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