At Fone Unlocker, we strive to give the customer the price that they want. Sometimes this isn’t possible for a number of factors. How we grade, check, buy and sell our devices is described below. We reserve the right to refuse buying a device for any reason, this reason does not need to be specified.

Does it have a box? Normally if you have the original box with the device with its accessories intact, you will recieve £10 more for your device. The box must be the original one with the phone and have all of its accessories or we reserve the right to discount that £10 on our quotation for buying.

What network is it on? Unlocked handsets fetch far more than handsets that are locked to a specific network, this goes for any store you sell to, not just ourselves. Vodafone is currently the network that we pay the least for due to it’s high cost for us to unlock. We cannot buy blacklisted phones.

Is it scratched? Scuffs, marks, dents and cracks all lower the value of your device. If the screen if cracked, we cannot pay a lot for the device. If the screen is cracked and un-usable, we wont be able to buy the device from you as a working phone and you will be given a scraps price due to not being able to test other functions on the phone.

How good is your battery? Phone batteries tend to last just over 2 years depending on how you use it. Battery health can be monitored on iPhones by going to Settings>Battery>Battery Health. Anything below 89% we immediatly have to drop the price we can quote as we will have to replace it before we can re-sell it.

How much do other stores quote? Our base price for quoting comes from CEX (website is, we normally try to beat this price and at the very least match it relating to its condition. We do NOT match online only stores such as Music Magpie, or from your friend John who lives next door.

Do you know your password? iPhones, iPads and all other Apple devices must be reset and signed out of their iCloud account before we can get you a quote. All Android devices manufactured after 2015 must be reset and free from a Google Account lock before being sold to us. If your device is locked with an account and you don’t know the password then we will only be able to offer you scrap prices for it as we are unable to test the phone.

If all the above criteria are met and we come to an agreement about buying the device, this will become a verbal contract. Depending on resources available you may also be made to sign a contract of sale confirming the phone details, your name and address, and the final price settled. Once sold, this contract is final and cannot be altered or cancelled. Quotes given come from Head Office and are non negotiable. You do not have to take the quote given if you don’t want it. Any quotes given are valid for 24 hours.

Before we can sell a phone we perform the following:

The phone must pass a CheckMend report before being sold. This ensures that the device is free from finance and contracts for the next user

The phone must pass all feature tests, if any fail then the device must be repaired before sale.

The battery must be above 89% health capacity or this test is deemed as failed. The battery must be replaced before sale.

Its condition overall must be good.

We must be able to put our name to it. If we’re not happy with the condition of the device overall we will not sell it. We must be able to provide a full warranty with the device. If it has a temperamental or intermittent fault then we will not sell this device.

We DO NOT give quotes over the phone or on messages. We reserve the right to not give you a quote in store if the device is not available for inspection.