Fone Unlocker are launching a new service called “Advance Repair”

This service is targeted to those customers who are buying a phone from us, either for themselves or for someone who may be prone to smashing their screen (we all know someone).

This service is payable at the time of buying the device, you will be given an additional receipt with the information required on it. Please retain this as this is your voucher for the screen repair that you pay for.

The goal of this service is to help people who may experience money issues down the line, or just to give the customer peace of mind that their device is covered for an accidental smash.

The prices payable are subject to change are are variable with the screen prices. You will pay less than the standard screen repair, for example. iPhone 5S will cost you £99, for a new screen it would normally be £18, but if you get Advance Repair with your device at the time of purchase, it will only cost you £10 and youll be covered for the whole year.

Please be aware that even if you do not claim this repair even after paying it, it is non refundable. Be aware that your voucher will be tied to the device you are purchasing and is non-transferable.

For accurate and up to date pricing, please ask a member of staff in store. Here are the rough prices for iPhones as of July 2019. Remember these are subject to change at any time.

iPhoneStandard PriceAdvance Repair

Keep in mind this service is only for screen replacments. If you have damaged other components inside the device we reserve the right to charge full price for these. Please ask a technician for details if you are concerned about your repair or call us on 01324621120

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