You’ve just dropped your phone and cracked the screen. Apple is telling you that its £300+ to get it repaired. You have a look around and we can repair it for around £80. Why is that?
Market Domination
Apple have been determined to stop third party repairs since the release of the iPhone 4. Changing the screen without Apple’s permission would result in a dead phone. This has continued through all generations of iPhone. Apples thought process is something along the lines of the following “If we can make it look like we are better at it, then why not charge customers more to have it done ‘the right way’?” It makes sense why they’d think this and why consumers would also think the same. The first thing you do when you break something is ask the manufacturer for advice on warranty and repairs. In our eyes what we see is this “if we can charge more for the same thing, why not?” Sounds less fair, right?
Scare Tactics
Apple has been crafty with people who want to avoid paying their large sums of cash for a repair that shouldn’t cost near half of what they’re asking.  
In conclusion

We wholeheartedly disagree with any of Apple’s practices for deterring third party or personal repairs to devices. You should be able to fix your device no matter where you go. As long as high quality parts are used and experienced technicians carry out the repair – why do Apple have to make it a problem?

We support Right To Repair, if you need parts for your device contact us and we can sell them individually to you. People should be able to repair their devices where they want, how they want and with what parts they want, regardless if its from the Original Manufacturer or not.