You may have noticed that your older iPad can’t download apps straight away anymore. This is due to Apple cutting off older devices. There are a couple of easy workarounds for this so don’t fret!

Download apps on a newer device first. This method involves using a newer iPad, iPhone or iPod to download the app first using the same account signed into the device you’re trying to use. Once you have downloaded it on your newer device, you can uninstall it if you don’t need it. You can then go back onto your other device and head to App Store > Updates > Purchased > Then download the apps you want from there! They should have a little cloud icon next to them.

If you have already used a newer device to download these apps before then your list will already be populated with your most recently downloaded apps. Once you click download it will prompt you to download an older version comptible with your device. Click OK and enjoy!

Use third party tools such as 3Utools. Download 3UTools to your PC and plug in your device to the PC. Browse the app store on your PC and install the ones you desire. It will prompt you for your Apple ID, then once signed in it will begin to download and install.

Use web apps. A lot of apps have web versions specifically built for older or slower devices. Many popular services such as Youtube, Spotify, Netflix, Microsoft Office and Facebook all have web versions that have full functionality! If anything, they’re faster than the actual app themselves! Just browse to the website using Safari, tap the little share icon in the top corner and tap “Add to home screen”.

The only downside to this is that you must always have a web connection to do this otherwise they simply will not load.