There's a few things that were announced yesterday. Click an item and have a look!

iPhone 12, but make it Purple

Mmmmm, purple. You’ve seen the iPhone 12, now there’s a new colour! No new hardware features announced for iPhone apart from Apple now enabling Ultra-wide band. Whats this? Well it’s for AirTags. Have a look at this piece of art.

The all new Fisher Price iMac

iMac’s have had the same design for many years. Apple thought this time it was due a bit of an upgrade. They have completely flattened the design down, boosted it with their new M1 processor and released it in a range of new colours. They are also pairing the higher end models with a Smart Keyboard (with Touch iD!), colour matched mouse and they sell a colour matched trackpad seperately.

The iPad Pro, but make it more Pro

The iPad Pro has always been the top of the range iPad that money can buy, and Apple have tried to push the limits of what’s possible on such a small device. Yet again, another device they crammed with their M1 processor (yes, the same one as the iMac!).

Center stage specifically designed for those calls where you just can’t sit still. The ultrawide front facing camera will keep track of you around the room and try to keep its focus on you. It will even move around with you!

XDR Screen. What does that mean? A huge difference between your standard iPad pro and this one for sure! They have matched the incredible features of the new iMac display on the iPad, meaning amazing colours, blacker blacks, and an outstanding battery life. They even have AI controlled dim areas to match the scene youre looking at, just like some new smart TVs!

Oh, and it also comes in 2TG of storage and has 5G features…if the rest wasn’t already enough for you.

AirTags - Tiles competitor

If you misplace your bag, keys, or anything else for that matter. The Find My app on your iPhone can now help. Buy an AirTag (or a 4pack), and pop one in a pocket and pair it to your account. The ultawide band frequency chip oon your phone will be activated on iOS 14.5 meaning you can track it. Concerned about someone tracking you with one? The tag will continuously beep if is has been away from its owners device for a few hours. You can then tap the tag with any iPhone or NFC enabled Android device and you will be taken to the Apple websit with instructions on how to deactivate this tag.

The company “Tile” who have been making extemely similar products fo years have filed an Anti Trust lawsuit against Apple immediatly after them being announced. Fingers crossed these actually make it into the hands of the public…

Apple TV 4K + Siri

If you have used an Amazon fire stick, then this will feel very familiar to you. The new Apple TV includes a Siri remote control with a “press to talk” button located on the side, just like an iPhone lock button. The remote control also now features a classic iPod style clickwheel for easier navigation.

The new tvOS software release will come for all Apple TV 4K models, this will allow you to calibrate your TV without even having to change any settings. Simply open the calibration app on your Apple TV, hold up your iPhone to the screen and it will do the rest. This is supposed to dramatically increase colours, brightness and sharpness.

Pay for Podcasts - Another Apple Subscription

Theres apparently enough attention in the podcasts app for Apple to now introduce a paid level of membership.This subscription will unlock access to additional content that creators can upload and will allow access to exclusive podcasts. It will also unlock Ad Free podcast listening, which might be a bonus woth considering.

The app has also had a much needed facelift as just like the iMac, its design had been stagnant for over 5 years.

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