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WAIT, don’t throw your old console out just yet! You’d be surprised what you can do with it nowadays. Dust it off and dig out that controller, your console is getting a new lease of life.

Playstation 3 (PS3)
  • Your PS3 is actually more versatile than you might think. Netflix, Youtube and general web browsing is still supported. Not to mention that the PS3 was equipped with a DVD/BluRay drive! The PS3 still makes a fantastic media center today with all of these services still being supported. It even has USB Media support to load up with your favourite films and music!
  • Backwards compatibility with PS2 – This is completely dependant on the model of PS3 that you have. Backwards compatibilty with PS2 games is officially supported on PS3’s that have the thick body and silver face place.
    ps2 backwards compatible ps3 with a silver face plate.

    Just like this one

    Non compatible model shown

    Sadly this model is too new and isn’t backwards compatible with PS2 games

    Sadly, majority of this older model has died off or has been damaged/destroyed. If you have one, hold onto it as they’re now gold dust.

  • Run Linux on it and turn it into a basic PC. If you’re lucky enough to not have updated your PS3 in a long time, don’t do it now! Sony has removed this feature on system updates after April 2010. If you’re lucky enough to still be on an old version then avoid connecting to the internet and have a look at this link here on how to turn your PS3 into a slightly more useful desktop PC!
  • Game on it! PSN services are still active for the PS3 and the marketplace online is full of amazing deals. You wont get the latest and greatest, but big titles like GTA-V are still available for this console. Plus, secondhand marketplaces for this console are also a gold mine for cheap and great games. Check out places like CEX, Game and Cash Converters. Who knows what gems you might uncover!

Think of any other ideas you can use your PS3 for? Let us know in the comments below!

XBox 360

The life of the XBox 360 is severly impacted by the red ring of death issue plauging systems. If your console has the same issue find out how to fix it here.

  • As with the PS3, your 360 will still be able to use Netflix, Youtube and other online web services for the forseeable future. Streaming services will max out at 720p, but who really minds if its just for viewing on your TV?
  • DVD playing? No problem, as long as you are signed into an XBox live account. Even a free one will allow you to activate DVD playing features on your 360. The 360 doesn’t support BluRay unlike the PS3.
  • Play 360 titles! Games are cheap secondhand and the XBox marketplace online have alot of cheap titles still available for this model. From GTA-V to Bioshock. We even stock some pre-owned games for it here!
  • Turn it into a complete home media center with Plex, learn how to install this popular streaming client here. You can even get a remote control for your 360 to control it just like any other media box.
  • Play original XBox games! Your 360, unlike the PS3, can play all original XBox titles regardless of your model! Got a collection? Enjoy! Not got any? You’re in for a massive treat. OG XBox games are dirt cheap at secondhand stores and can even be found in some charity shops for just a few pennies.
all 360 retail models

Yep, you read that right. It doesn’t matter what model you have!

PSP (Not the VITA model)

The PSP was an odd craze. A PS3 but portable? Sony was out of their depth at the time, but managed to pull it off.

  • Download movies and keep them for watching on the go! Whatever your source of movies  😉 , as long as they are .mp4 format, your PSP will load them up without any issue. With an amazing battery life it makes the PSP the perfect portable console to take with you for long journeys.
  • Install custom software and emulate older consoles! Retro gaming on the go. The PSP has a large and bright display making it a great candidate for playing Super Mario Bros while sitting on the bus to work. Find out more about modding your PSP software here. Installing this may void your warranty or damage your device, we recommend talking to your techie friend first before proceeding incase you get in hot water.
  • Browse the web! The browser on the PSP isn’t as up to date as Chrome or Safari, but it gets basic searching done. Google, Wikipedia and News all load up just fine using the PSP web browser, just connect to your WiFi and away you go!
  • Play ports and of your favourite games! Did you know Minecraft just got ported to the PSP? Developers, modders and software hackers are determined to keep this device alive in 2021. You may need custom software (mentioned above) to play these game ports.

Play Station Portable

Sadly online streaming services for the PSP have fizzled out, don’t expect to be watching Netflix or Youtube on the go with this one. It’s great for what it was made for – games and really not a lot else.

So, what will you do with your old tech?

If you don’t want to re-use it, or don’t have space or time. You could sell it on or pass it onto a charity! A lot of care homes would love for things like these to be donated.

Selling it on? These older consoles haven’t kept their value very well (unless you have the gold dust PS3 model then keep a hold of it and think of it as an investment plan) so don’t expect over £60 when selling in private.


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