If you live under a rock, this will be news to you, so please read.

Scotland will be entering a Tier 4 Lockdown from the 26th of December for three weeks.

This adds a tonne of additional pressure on local businesses who have been able to struggle on throughout the year, this may be the nail in the coffin for them. We cannot stress this enough. SHOP LOCAL, if you want to save this high street, it’s the only way. Small businesses are eternally greatful for any custom at this time of year.

We are currently working out potential options with Environmental Health for what we can do to proceed trading as normal as possible.


We have come to the following option as being the most viable;

  • Remaining open as a closed door business, accepting only appointments and drop off repairs. We would then arrange a way to get the device back to you if you are not able to collect for any reason. We will also have a delivery team available to collect your devices for repair and/or deliver it+accessories to you.

We know some local businesses have tightened their restrictions on only serving people who live local. We would like to also add this to our store until March. It’s not a decision we wanted to take, but we must do what we can to protect ourselves, and the local people.

For everyone visiting family over the festive season, stay safe! The NHS Protect.Scot app should be used to monitor and keep track of any exposures. Got an older iPhone 6 or 5S? Make sure to update to the latest iOS version to support the Track and Trace system.


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