2020 has been a rollercoaster for everyone, we’re glad it’s almost over and we’re sure you are too. Here’s a recap of what we’ve achieved this year.

  1. We opened our Grangemouth store! Beginning with Barrie’s Bargain Store and completely migrating to Fone Unlocker Grangemouth. This store was also an exploration into Homeware, American Candy and other accessories. Located at 20 Charlotte Dundas Court.
  2. We opened our Linlithgow store. On the first day of lockdown, we took over Fone Republic in the heart of Linlithgow. This store was our furthest away from our “home-town” so it was an interesting opportunity to look at a new demographic approach. Located at 276B High Street.
  3. We completed rennovations of our new Falkirk store. As soon as we caught whiff of a lockdown, we permanently closed our Callendar Square store and took it as a perfect opportunity to expand and improve. Over the course of 4 months we completely transformed an empty shell on the High Street into our main HQ. It was a hard task to pull off and we want to thank everyone who was involved in this process, I’m sure it wasn’t easy to do in such a short time frame. Now located at 5-7 Kirk Wynd.
  4. We branched into vape liquids and other vaping accessories. We even launched an online catalogue for this at Vape Unlocker. This proved to be a very popular addition to our Falkirk store so we have since rolled it out to all three.
  5. We started our Falkirk Football Club sponsorship! You’ll now see our shiny logo at the side of the pitch and on the board behind players during interviews. This also means season ticket holders get discount in our stores!

2020 was hard, but we refused to let it get us down and we pushed harder to expand, improve and grow as a business. Thank you to all the customers who made this possible and continue to support us by shopping local.

Our “Home Repair” system is still live, don’t hesitate to use it if you need to! We’re only a message away. Need some essential shopping whilst we’re en-route? Let us know! We want to help give back to the community that helps us thrive.

Let’s hope 2021 is an improvement, who knows what’s to come 😉

PSA! – We still have iPad 8’s in stock! We know these have been gold dust recently but we’ve managed to source some. Give us a message on facebook to reserve one ASAP, these things sell stupidly fast. £329 for 32GB WiFi Model, Silver and Gold available! Afraid Space Grey/Black will be sold out until well into 2021.

Remember : Stay safe, mask up, wash your hands and keep your distance. It really isn’t that difficult. (Hands, Face, Space. You know the drill by now right?)

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