As you may already know, government restrictions on businesses opening during the pandemic is tightening by the day. We want to make sure that you feel comfortable using our facilities and coming into our stores.

We have increased our cleaning and sanitisation routine, this means that the store will not only smell nicely of pine and orange zest, it also means that every surface that you touch has been cleaned thouroughly.

Devices that are now booked in for repair are needed for an additional 10 minutes or so to complete the sanitisation of your device. This includes a full wipe down with alcohol cleaner and a blast from our UV sanitiser station. This ensures that you will be getting your device back as clean as it can be.

We would like to add a reminder that face masks must be worn by everyone who can. This includes staff.

Trust us, if you find it annoying for 5 minutes wearing it, try wearing it for an 8 and a half hour shift then come back to us about it. If you have a valid exemption, then fair do’s, just please don’t be offended if a member of staff asks you to wear a mask. We don’t know what you don’t tell us.

There is hand sanitiser placed at the front of the store, it’s there to be used. We also have alcohol hand wipes incase you prefer those.

We would also like to request that customers try their best not to touch our glass cabinets or other items they are not intending to purchase. If you would like more details on an item, please ask a member of staff to assist you.

This will be difficult for everyone, but with the growing cases in Forth Valley, we all must now do what we can to prevent the spread. Please follow what you can.

UPDATE FOR RETURNS OR ISSUES – Devices that have been repaired but need to be returned for any reason MUST be left with us for the full 48hrs to allow a full checkup and cleaning process.

Devices or items that have been purchased from us follow these guidelines:

  • Cases, Earphones and chargers cannot be returned or exchanged at the moment unless expressly told by management otherwise.
  • Phones must be left for 48hrs to allow for diagnostics and full cleaning.
  • Other consumable items are completly non returnable at the moment.

Thank You,

Fone Unlocker Management Team


PS. Common sense, if you feel ill or have symptoms. DO NOT GO SHOPPING ANYWHERE, NOT JUST OUR STORE!


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