You may have noticed that we have been rather quiet over the past few weeks regarding our other 2 stores (Fone Republic and Barries Bargain Store). Well, we have an announcement!

From the 26th of September, both of these stores will begin trading fully under the Fone Unlocker brand name. Meaning that you will not be far from one of our stores!

What does this mean for you, our customers?

Barries Bargain Store will begin to phase out its DIY section. This will be removed almost completely by Christmas this year. The shop will retain its selection of scented candles, gift cards and burning oils/incense. We have already added in a new section consisting of American Confectionary, Snacks and Drinks. This has proved to be a popular area for the heart of Grangemouth and we look forward to working with everyone to make our shop successful. The front branding has also been changed to match the Fone Unlocker branding. You can find their website now at

Fone Republic will have its branding changed to Fone Unlocker later this month. The store will remain almost the same besides its addition of new display units and a small rennovation of the customer area to keep in like with Fone Unlockers branding. We will also be stocking a larger range of devices for sale in this store. You can now find their new website at

We would like to thank everyone who has helped us make these expansions possible. We appreciate every customer we get, even if its just to pop in for a chat.