A new iOS release is almost upon us, and this time its iOS 14, or for you iPad users out there – iPadOS 14

The new update comes with a tonne of interface changes to make your life easier, and your device more interesting.

  • New Call bar design – You know when your watching a video or scrolling through Facebook and someone calls who you’re trying to ignore. The full screen call takes over for the time being as you stare at your phone aimlessly waiting for it to end. NO LONGER AN ISSUE! Apple have introduced a new design, meaning that you can continue what you were doing. You can even swipe up to hide the call altogether and it will show only a small icon in the corner to notify you of an incoming call.
  • New Home-screen Widgets – A feature that has been on Android for years, and iPhone’s since iOS 10 (today view). You can now place widgets on the home screen to keep track of things like your weather, health and activity, and the top news articles!
  • App Library – An easy place to find what you need. Your iPhone will now automatically categorize your apps and place them in folder style pages at the end of your home screen. At the moment these are not user changeable but we will see what is yet to come!

This is only a small part of the new features that iOS 14 brings to your device! These are just the ones that we found notable.

Overall, the public beta seems rather stable for daily use. Be aware that installing ANY beta software on your device may void your warranty, regardless of its vendor being Apple. You should also consider doing a full iCloud and Offline backup of your device before updating in case anything goes wrong or if you want to go back to 13.5.1. Some users have noted strange storage bugs and some battery drain/overheating issues but no major bugs that make it unusable.

Give it a try by signing up for free on the Apple Beta Website.

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