Due to our increasing concern over the Coronavirus pandemic, we have chosen to close our Falkirk store at the end of 23/03/2020. This measure has not been taken lightly and we hope that we don’t have to close any other stores.

As this continues to develop, we would like to reiterate that we do still have a Home Repair service available for our customers. We suggest using this if you feel that you need to self isolate at the moment.

Please keep yourself save in these abysmal times.

We are still currently open at Barries Bargain Store in Grangemouth and in Fone Republic in Linlithgow,

If you require more information, please message us on 07925333302. This number is manned 8 hours a day.

EDIT – It seems that the entirety of Callendar Square Shopping Center has taken the same approach and has now closed it’s doors for the time being as well.


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