At Fone Unlocker, we have been striving to keep business open as normal with increased cleaning and sanitizing routines. New government legislation is making this harder for us to do. We would like to give some insight into how we will be tackling this situation.

Home Delivery

We are now offering a home delivery and repair service, meaning that you don’t need to leave your house to get your phone fixed. We are not charging any extra for traveling to you. Meet us at your house, a local drop off point, or even at McDonald’s, just let us know in the ‘Additional Information’ section when placing a repair request. We understand how hard these times can be financially as well, which is why we are waiving that fee. Card payments will also be available (and preferred as well) using our trusty SumUp reader! So don’t worry if you don’t have any physical cash to pay for it! You can book an iPhone Screen repair with us here, for any other devices not already listed on that page please message us beforehand.

Online Consultations

Got a phone which has randomly decided to die for no reason? Give us a message using our Facebook Page, and we will get right back to you. All of our consultation and diagnostic services are free of charge! Even if its something as simple as trying to connect your new pair of earphones to your iPhone, it’s what were here for. Our team are active from 8AM to 8PM so you can give us a message!

Our Stock

As we have mentioned before, stock is a huge factor in this situation. With most suppliers stock being manufactured in china and other parts of the world, its getting increasingly difficult to get the essentials in. We have sourced a new UK Warehouse which will hopefully last a few more months, we just have to hope that things have started to get better by then.


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