You’ve seen it in the news already, and it’s reached the UK.

What does this mean for us and you as a customer?

Our part suppliers will struggle to get the needed parts and accessories. This may eventually lead to a price increase on what stock they have left or can get to the UK.

We are trying to keep all of our prices the same in this situation, but its getting increasingly difficult to do so.

We have enough stock in store to hopefully get us through the next few weeks unscathed, but we now URGE CUSTOMERS to get their repairs done as soon as possible to avoid the price increase and order backlog.

Our suppliers are currently not expecting orders or shipments to return to normal until late March. This deadline has already been pushed back before as they were previously expecting it to be mid-February.

Please follow our Facebook Page for more up top date information on stock and order time-scales.

We hope everyone keeps safe out there!


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