Fone Unlocker pledges to donate to charities, both local and national. The charities include :

If you would like to see your own charity or would like to have one added, please email us at [email protected]

We donate to help others, and as a business in the heart of Falkirk we feel that its a responsibility to not only help the business side of the town, but also the people who live in it. The above charities were chosen as they mean something to our staff, but we are always able to add more. These are only a starting point. We may be rolling this feature out to our website in the future so keep an eye out for an update blog-post on that.

The amount collected in each month will be posted on our Facebook page. A yearly total altogether will be collated at the end of each year and will be posted on our Facebook page and as a blog post on our website (just like this one)

If you would like a more accurate total, visit this page for an up to date total!

At Fone Unlocker, we’re always looking to support people, in whatever way a business can. If you can think of amazing and spectacular sponsored events our staff should get into, then let us know using the email above!

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Fone Unlocker donates monthly to charities, this will be 5% of money taken from phone sales. We may also have a collection tin for certain charities in store.

Our chosen 4 charities at the moment are,

These charities will be on a rotation every month and the final amount collected for each charity will be posted monthly on our Facebook page

We donate to help others, you can always donate directly to these charities using their website or in their shop.

So far, we have raised

£ 0
£ 0
Strathcarron Hospice
£ 0
Kidney Kids
£ 0
Falkirk Islamic Center