iOS has quite a few quirks, varying from device to device. Such as the 6S+ 3D Touch Lag on landscape mode, to the phone randomly rebooting if you install 2 apps in a specific order. This one however, has to be one of the top affecting ones.

A bug similar to this was released in 2015, dubbed the “Effective Power” bug, due to it having those words in its crash code. That bug was merely harmless compared to this one. The Telugu bug is a little bit more severe.

Looks kinda pretty right? A fancy swirl design in another language. Well your iPhone might not think the same. Thankfully that’s just an image above.

The Telugu text, if sent to you via iMessage/SMS. Will render your Messages application useless until you either clear the message through settings, or your sender sends approx 10 other messages. Giving you a chance to get on the Messages app and delete the conversation. If you’re one of the unlucky people to have friends to don’t give up and will spam you with it until they cant type no more, then your phone may be forced into a reboot loop.

Does this screen look familiar to you? If you have said friends you’ll be seeing a lot more of it…possibly until you’re forced to restore your phone through iTunes.

The Telugu bug still affects Snapchat right now. If you receive the message on any iOS version on Snapchat messages, it will crash the app. Same goes for any other app if you see it. The main affected apps are Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. If your app randomly crashes when your scrolling your timeline. You’ll be glad to know one of your friends tried to reboot your phone on purpose.

The fix?

Update your phone. Either to iOS 11.2.6 or to 11.3 Public Beta 3. It’s a pain we know. Having to clean our photos and music and maybe the few odd apps you’ve not used in a while.

Think of it this way, temporarily loose some apps for now then update, or risk looking everything and being forced to restore your phone. We know what we’d choose…

Why does this happen?

Ready for some high techy techy stuff? The main process that deals with rendering your fonts, don’t handle those characters well. We’re unsure yet but it seems to have been fixed. Same issue as the “effective power” bug. It was a glitch in the rendering process for fonts.

Lesson learned? Keep your phones up to date!

Scan this with any QR reader, or even Snapchat and it will crash the device (also works with iOS 11 Camera App)

Been bricked with this bug and don’t have access to a computer? We can restore your phone in-store same day! Call ahead for a price!

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