A taste for 11.3 for everyone, now made public! The iOS 11.3 update includes some really nifty features that can improve the overall use of your iDevice!

Apple recently got fined and had issues with lawsuits regarding their iPhone slowdown technique to preserve older and damaged batteries. This makes sense but some users don’t want this. They want the fast iPhone they paid for and had on the first day of using it.

Either that, or you’ve just grown used to having a slow phone and you barely even notice it anymore…

Well, Apple noticed, and so did most of the world. So what they did was include an option in the battery settings of devices that are running the latest Public Beta. This enables a user to disable the slowdown feature. Be careful though! This can make your battery even worse and you could experience random shutdowns. After a random shutdown it automatically enables the slowdown effect again until you manually disable it.

We guess this is better than nothing, but if you really want a faster iPhone without constantly messing around with settings, we suggest getting your battery replaced! Our battery replacements are high quality replacements for iPhones, iPads and iPods at a fraction of the price Apple replace them at!

The feature to disable to slowdown will be available on iPhone 6 and above. It seems that they might roll out a version for the iPhone 5S but we are unsure as of just now. Anything below an iPhone 5S is not affected by battery slowdown, these are just older devices that run slower due to newer firmware running on older hardware.

If you want to try out the beta, check out the page here! Read the warnings before installing and do your research!


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